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Nelson's Name Gets Boos at Huckabee-Led Rally

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Meghan Youker

OMAHA (KPTM) — A liar and a sellout.  Those were the harsh words thrown Sunday at Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson.  It comes in the wake of his crucial decision to back the Senate's plan for sweeping health care reform.

He was the last man standing in the way of President Barack Obama's top domestic priority, but Saturday in exchange for more money for Nebraska and compromise language on federal funding for abortion, Nelson became the 60th and final vote Senate Democrats needed to overcome a filibuster and push their plan forward.

They lined up by the hundreds Sunday to sign a petition urging Nelson to change his mind.  "I've called.  We've been to his office and he doesn't listen.  He just allows himself to be pushed around and bought off," said Anne Kenkel.

It was a sentiment shared Sunday by an estimated 1,800 people who packed the Omaha Music Hall.  Among them, fellow lawmakers and activists who say they feel betrayed Senator Nelson compromised on abortion.  "On this fundamental tenant of justice, there should be no talk of political compromise.  You either protect life or you don't," said Rep. Jeff Fortenberry.

The star of the show was Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee.  "I know that the members of Congress and the President have continued to say, we need a bipartisan consensus bill.  Let me congratulate them on one thing, we do have a consensus bill, no one likes it!" he said.

Huckabee urged people to keep fighting the plan and show their representatives the door if their voices aren't heard.  "We will not forget and we will not forget.  Flush them out and send them home!" he said.

Already some say, they will actively campaign against Nelson if he runs for reelection in 2012.  That's assuming this battle is lost.  "It's just a venting thing for us.  I don't think we can do anything.  It just doesn't seem possible that our country has come to this," said Urban Kenkel.

Senate Democrats hope to have their bill passed by Christmas.  A crucial vote was scheduled for 1 a.m. Washington time Monday.  Democrats need the support of their entire caucus to move to a final vote on the bill this week.

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