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Poisoned Meat Blamed for Killing Dogs in Omaha

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Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA (KPTM)- The Nebraska Humane society is offering a $1000 reward to anyone that can help find who is responsible for poisoning meat and leaving it within reach of animals.

Officials say they've seen several cases in the last month.

Vicki Wagner's Chihuahua and Pug, Bella and Peanut, died after eating laced meat that Wagner says must have been tossed into her backyard.

"We've always got people throwing wrappers and dropping cups [in the backyard]. It's just something you get used to on a corner lot," said Wagner. When someone threw meat covered in Strychnine, Wagner says that was going too far.

"I put the dogs out and took the garbage out and went back in about 10 minutes later to let them back in. Bella was at the back door, just all rubbery and just not in control of herself," explained Wagner. She said Peanut was lying down in the backyard barely breathing. Both died within the hour.

Strychnine is a chemical often used as rat poison. It's also known to cause some of the most painful symptoms of any toxin.

Officials with the Humane Society say they have every reason to believe someone did this on purpose, though no one had ever complained about the dogs. "Even if they would have, clearly poisoning them is not appropriate," said Pam Wiese with the Nebraska Humane Society.

Officials say someone walking their dog near the Meadowbrook Estates near 150th and E  last week came across a pile of cat food covered with rat poison. They found 4 other similar piles on nearby sidewalks.

"I hope it's not people thinking this is some way for them to get their jollies or somehow a way to, you know, just because you don't like dogs, to take it out on neighborhood dogs is a horrible thing to do to someone and a horrible way for a dog to die," said Wiese.

Wiese says it unfortunately will be hard to find who is responsible for doing this. Anyone with information that could help track someone down could be rewarded $1000. Call 402-444-7800 with any information.

If you see anything suspicious along a sidewalk, or see anyone dump something in a pet owner's yard, tell the owner or police.

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