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Your Headlines for 2012

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We certainly had our fair share of headlines in 2012, from a dry winter to a hot summer, from elections to the end of the world. The news certainly didn't pull any punches this year, so here's a look back at some of the top stories in 2012.

 January- Temperatures rose, making it one of the warmest winter's we'd ever seen.

February- Ralston Fire Chief, Kyle Ienn was laid to rest after he took his own life.

Fox 42 uncovered a new trend in tattoos, getting your loved one's ashes mixed in the ink. "And then both are injected directly into the skin," said Meghan McRoberts. "It's a spiritual experience," said one man.

 March- March was a big month for basketball. Tim Miles was declared as UNL's head coach. Central High School clinched both boys and girls state basketball championships. Cinderella team, Norfolk State, upset second seed Missouri in the ‘March Madness' tournament. "We gonna shock the world!" players cheered in the locker room.

The LGBT community got legal protection after Omaha City Council voted to pass a city wide ordinance.

Polling places were cut from around 300 in 2010 to just under 200.

Pink slime slid into the media spotlight, after critics slammed the ‘finely textured lean ground beef.' Eventually, three plants closed and 700 people lost their jobs.

 April- Warren Buffett announced he was battling prostate cancer.

Tanesha Beard set her boyfriends bed on fire, and blamed it on her kids. "The whole situation was a little odd, particularly when I heard that they had been charged," said one neighbor.

It was a mother's worst nightmare after 21-year-old Michaela Pomfret was shot and killed by her stepdad, Michael Williams, in Bellevue. Williams is being charged with murder.

The small Iowa town of Thurman is hit by an F-2 tornado. "I was scared, I told God if he wanted me, take me know," remembered one resident.

 May- Scandals surfaced in May. Gretna city administrator, Colleen Lawry, was fired after she stole thousands of dollars of city funds.

A hacker compromised 27 years of records from University of Nebraska Students.

A local company went national, after creating ‘doomsday bunkers.'

 June- June brought high temperatures and the eight millionth fan to the CWS. While teams were hitting it out of the ballpark, swimmers were hitting their mark as US Olympic Swim Trials began at the same time.

Cattle shut down US-75 for hours after a truck tipped over.

16-year-old Melanie Koontz's body was found under a bridge. Her ex-boyfriend, Justin Lenz, was charged with murder. He attended her funeral. "You don't go and show your facet to her family, and give her a kiss in the box," said one friend of Koontz's.

Robert Wagner was found guilty of trying to hit a police officer, he still says he's innocent.

 July- The real heat of the summer came in July, leaving many parts of the county in a sever drought. "Even the weeds are dying, which tells you how dry it is," said Council Bluffs Fire Chief, Alan Byers.

Burn bans were put into effect across Nebraska and Iowa. "It's just a disaster waiting to happen."

Crops from corn, to soybeans, to grapes, and trees were severely stunted because of the drought.

One Nebraska girl brought the Nebraska heat overseas to the Volleyball court, bringing home a silver Olympic medal for the US Women's Volleyball team.  "The town has really rallied around her," said one fan. Jordan Larson is from Hooper, Nebraska.

Gun fire heated up the streets of South Omaha after two teens and their father were shot and killed inside their home. Three people have been arrested for what police said was a robbery for drugs and money turned fatal.

Rosenblatt's 64-year reign as the "Greatest Game on Dirt" came to an end. "I was here when they built it, and I figured I'd be here when they take it down," said one man, as he watched the iconic Rosenblatt gate get destroyed.

 August- In August, a hate crime in Lincoln against a lesbian woman took an unexpected twist. "Oh my God, I can't believe it," said one neighbor. Charlie Rogers claimed three men broke into her home, sprayed hateful messages on her walls, carved slurs into her skin, and lit her house on fire. Police said she did it to herself, and they arrested her.

Omaha Police got a new top cop, Chief Todd Schmaderer replaced former Police Chief, Alex Hayes.

Chick-fil-a's president Dan Cathy's support of anti-gay Christian organizations sparked many LGBT groups to stand up against the organizations. "We're out here show our support, saying hate and bigotry are not good business models," said one protestor. However, new Chick-fil-a's open up around town and made record sales.

September- September became a tough month for Nebraska State Senator Brenda Council after she gambled away more than 60 thousand dollars in campaign money. "I don't believe that she'll win with this, but in politics, who knows?" said one voter. Council was given a 500 dollar fine, but did lose the election in November.

Tom Osborne announced his retirement.

Uta Halee, a troubled girls organizations, was robbed the night before a big auction was to take place. The auction was to help pay off debt it had after having to shut down.  Thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of auction items. "That's like stealing off a grave," said one woman.

 October- In October, a cigarette tax will be used to help fund a new cancer center.

The Ralston Arena opened its doors.

One of the three killers of the Szczepanik family was found guilty of three murders. Jose Oliveria Coutinho could face the death penalty.

 November- In November, underdog Deb Fischer clinches Ben Nelson's senate seat.

President Obama is elected for another four years.

Hostess announced it was closing its doors for good, causing many people to lose their jobs right before the holidays.

December- In December, OPS picks a new superintendent, Mark Evans, after the Nancy Sebring scandal.

Gun permit applications soared after the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. "It really hit home wit me because my children are both those ages," said one woman. Douglas County saw more than twice the typical applicants.

Omaha's homicide count also exceeded 20122, with a total of 40 deaths.

Winter Storm ‘Draco' drifted across the Midwest, and there were 10 inches of snow in some metro areas. Tens of thousands of people were left without power.

12-12-12 celebrations took place around town, from special birthdays to weddings. It was the last triple digit most of us will see in our lifetimes.

Only quickly to be overshadowed by the threat of the end of the world, a little surprise, we made it past 12-21-12.


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