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Gun Seller: Better Background Checks Won't Change Much for Responsible Retailers

Nicole Ebat

OMAHA(KPTM)--The general manager at Sol's Jewelry and Loan has had a busy couple of months in his gun department.

"Ever since the election it's been non-stop," said John Dineen. "With the general public there are so many uncertainties that everyone's been in a frenzy and a rush 'I've gotta get this style of gun right now, I've gotta get this type of ammo because we might never be able to get it again'."

With President Barack Obama announcing his proposals Wednesday morning, there is a little less uncertainty in the air.

One of the measures the president is calling for Congress to look into is closing loopholes in the background check system.

The White House this morning said that should go even further than closing the "gun show" loophole.

But that didn't worry Dineen.

"With licensed dealers there aren't that many loopholes, we have to follow all the laws they've put into place," he said.

His company, like any other retailer that has guns available for purchase, is already required to carry a Federal Firearms License.

"We follow very strict laws through the ATF. If we don't follow these laws and they come in and we get audited they'll yank your license very quickly,"he said.

So anyone looking to go in and buy a gun has to pass a background check.

But that isn't the case for unlicensed person-to-person sales.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives right now an unlicensed seller can sell a gun to another person as long as the seller doesn't have any reason to suspect the buyer shouldn't have one.

This can happen in cases with gun shows or private sellers online.

Dineen says he thinks those are the main cases the president is looking at for his proposal.

"The loopholes they're talking about, I can't see many from a dealer's standpoint due to the fact of how we're audited and we follow the rules that they give us," he said.

President Obama's speech did help boost sales today too.

Jason Hillmer headed to Sol's to buy two guns, one was a rifle with a 30 round clip.

"I always thought about getting one and I figured I might as well get it now while I have the chance," he said.

The president did say he would like to see the assault weapon ban go back in place as well as banning high-capacity magazines, but Congress would have to pass this type of legislation.

Hillmer isn't a fan of that part or even most of the president's proposal, but as far as better background checks go:

"I don't have a problem with them doing their job on the background checks, I mean if you're not supposed to get a weapon because of something in your past, I don't have a problem with that," said Hillmer.

Dineen says the sales crew at Sol's keeps an eye out for straw purchasers, people who buy guns for those unable to pass a background check.

He says it's their right to not sell someone a gun if they think that person might be breaking the law.

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