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Woman's Car Vandalized by Family

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Nicole Ebat

OMAHA (KPTM) - An Omaha woman says her car was broken into and vandalized and she saw who did it, but he's still running free.

"I heard noises outside, I came to the window, opened it up and I saw somebody in my car," said Jennifer Minshall.

It happened overnight on February 7th. Minshall filed a police report over the phone, but she says she hasn't heard anything back yet.

"He broke into my car and had to pry my window apart to get inside," she said.

Her car is sitting in the driveway behind her house with a large dent on one side, a torn bumper, a broken headlight and no heater.

She also found curse words and racial slurs tagged on the hood and trunk.

But the worst part for her? She said she saw who did it: her nephew.

"First thing that went through my mind was how could you? I've never done you wrong,"she said.

Minshall is doing her best to deal with the damage for now. She's replaced the broken headlight and has ordered a part to get the heater fixed, but getting it completely replaced is going to cost her over $400.

She also has a small portable space heater mounted in the car to help keep her three kids warm while they're going to and from school.

"If you're in the car for like three or four hours, it'll warm up, but when you get in the morning, it's freezing," she said.

Minshall said problems like this aren't entirely new with her nephew. She said he's broken into her house in the past and ripped copper from her air conditioner.

Now she's been receiving threatening text messages.

One shown to KPTM said "You better keep your car under lock and key. Keep it guarded. Keep a camera on it, it will be destroyed."

Police said they are still looking into the car vandalizing case. They warned if anyone receives similar text messages to report them to police and work on getting a protective order against the person.

For now Minshall is just trying to find the money to fix the car and help keep her kids warm and holding on to hope that it doesn't take too long for her to see justice.

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