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Family Moves Out Of Carbon Monoxide Apartment, Management Might Sue

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PAPILLION (KPTM)-  Constant carbon monoxide breakouts at the Village of Papillion apartments has one family moving out.  However, the family says management could sue them for breaking their lease.

The Bergstrom family has lived at the complex for the past two years and signed a new lease late June. 

"The district manager said we could either chose to leave or to stay and work it out," said Tammy Bergstrom, while packing moving boxes.

The Papillion Fire Department said the complex has had eight carbon monoxide breakouts since January.  Bergstrom said recent breakouts are a concern to her health.

"I've been having continual headaches.  My daughter has headaches every single night.  She's missed work from being sick.  I've missed work because of having to leave my home," she said.

Last week, city inspector Todd Aerni and the apartment district manager Beth Watson told FOX 42 tenants could move out or wait until engineering fixes the problem, so Bergstrom decided to move.  However, because she just renewed her lease in late June, management said she will have to provide documentation from her doctor proving that she has carbon monoxide poisoning otherwise she's in violation of her lease.

"These apartments, you cannot live here without a lease.  And so if you decide not to have a lease you have to leave in 30 days.  So it was like a catch 22 situation," said Bergstrom.

Bergstrom said she has done plenty of research on carbon monoxide to back up her fears.  Management said the new lease is a legally binding document and Bergstrom could face consequences for breaking it.  Bergstrom believes leaving is her only way to protect herself and her family.

"We're not doing it because we want to, we're doing it because we need to.  It's important, you know? It's a medical necessity in our eyes," she said.

Bergstrom said her family will be completely moved out by Monday. 

Management said it is still working with city officials and an energy company to improve safety.

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