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What The City Pays Dealing With Winter Weather

What The City Pays Dealing With Winter Weather

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Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - If plowing snow was anything like a game of baseball, last night's snowfall gave the city's *team* it's first real test.

"The first snow is always a good shakeout," said Street Maintenance Engineer Scott McIntyre.

By 10 P.M., about an inch of snow was on the ground in Omaha.  It wasn't quite enough for city crews to hit the streets, but they are getting ready.  Keep in mind when Mother Nature does give us her worst it will cost you.  This year, the city set aside $6.7 million for snow and ice removal.

"That includes items like our deicing chemicals, our salt and our liquids," said McIntyre.

Consider also the city uses up roughly $200,000 for every inch of snow it plows.

"When you take that $6.7 million and you divide it by 30 inches of snow that's about what you come out with."

If the city does reach that 30 inch threshold as expected, that's a whole lot of snow-covered road to clear.  The city says the price tag is also meant to be flexible to prepare for the unknown.

"A lot of that goes into just being ready," said McIntyre.  "Just having the equipment, having the personnel and having the resources on hand."

Public works told FOX 42 News Friday even if the Winter happens to be mild it still won't amount to much of a savings because you have to take into account the number of employees, hours worked and the materials used for the Winter.

Public Works also told us when a snowstorm does hammer Omaha it goes into all hands on deck mode with about 100 city-manned plows getting sent out as well as about 100 contractor plows.


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