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New Toy Helps Parents Keep Track of Kids

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OMAHA(KPTM)-For parents, Christmas plans often include getting the perfect gift for their kids. Now,they can get peace of mind too. There's a new smart watch, designed to satisfy your kids and keep them safe.

In 2005, when Amber Harris went missing on her way home from school, GPS tracking wasn't very popular among parents. "Now I wonder if she'd had a track phone or something, maybe she'd be alive," said Harris' mother, Melissa. In 2013, putting a GPS tracker on kids is getting big. Now schools, like those in the Gretna system, use GPS devices to track when kids get on and off of buses.

Even toys are coming out with GPS tucked inside. Just weeks ago, the Filip phone was released. It's part wrist watch, part smart phone. Sten Kirkbak is founder and Chief Creative Officer of Filip Technologies. Kirkbak said he came up with the idea after his own son, Filip, who was four at the time, wandered off in a shopping area. "My story resonated with parents we talked to, because most parents have actually experienced something themselves, being in amusement parks or shopping malls, etc.," said Kirkbak.

Luckily for Kirkbak, Filip was found and now he wears one of these watches. "He wears the lime green. It's his favorite color," said Kirkbak. And if you're kid isn't a fan of lime green, there are plenty of other colors to choose from- giving kids something to get excited about while parents keep track of exactly where they are. It sends an alert to the parents' phone if their children leave designated "safe zones." It even has a panic button for a child to tap in an emergency. The button immediately triggers the phone to automatically dial a list of up to five numbers until someone is reached. It also records surrounding activity, in case that information is needed at a later date.

Similar technology has been available for a while in phone form, but this is the first time it's been designed to function like an accessory. That kind of technology was less available and less affordable back in 2005 when Amber Harris was killed by her abductor. "Hopefully there will be more devices made, and more improvements made," said Melissa Harris who adds she's considering getting a similar item with GPS tracking for her granddaughter someday.

The phone costs just under two hundred dollars with a ten dollar a month fee for service. You can buy it here:

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