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Freezing Drizzle Has Deliver Drivers and Tow Truck Drivers on Alert

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Melina Matthes

OMAHA (KPTM)- Cold winter weather can lead to wet, slick and even dangerous snow packed roads. Several accidents were reported Wednesday due to slick conditions. AAA officials said people need to reduce their speeds when driving on icy roads. The posted speed limits are for ideal road conditions.

Delivery drivers have been taking caution. The phone at Marco's pizza rang non-stop Thursday. The staff worked hard to keep up. Workers said more customers request deliveries when it's cold outside.

"The weather doesn't really bother me. I mean I'm in shorts, I'm not to worried about the weather," Nicholas Wegner said.

Wegner is worried about  inexperienced drivers.

"I've always been taught to keep a certain amount of space in between cars."

He said he has the most trouble on the roads during rush hour when people want their dinner.

"I am a little nervous because when it gets to rush hour that's what I'm most worried about."

The drivers that don't take it easy are the ones that get to meet Larry Voss.  He's a tow truck driver with AAA. He said the number of cars on the side of the road increases when it gets slick.

"During the season, take your time, be careful and be aware of your road conditions," Voss said.

AAA recommends that nervous drivers stay off the roads until they test their skills in an empty parking lot.  They said you shouldn't use cruise control on wet or slick roads.  You should also make sure your vehicle is prepared.

"Make sure they have a good battery, make sure their tires are good, make sure their brakes work properly."

AAA encourages drivers to avoid all distractions when driving on ice and snow.  They said wintry conditions demand your full attention.  They recommend you turn off your cell phone when you get in your car.  In the event of an emergency it will ensure you also have enough battery to call for help.

The city also has a smart phone app for snowy conditions. People can download the Omaha mobile app.  It's free and allows you to snap and submit photos of snow related concerns. 

Area hospitals said around 30 people came into the emergency room due to the icy conditions. The injuries ranged from ankle fractures to head injuries.

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