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Fighting Off Holiday Weight Gain

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OMAHA (KPTM)- Snow isn't the only thing that gets packed down during the holiday season.

People often pack on the weight after too much chocolate and pie. The average person gains around five pounds this time of year.

There are some tips that you can do to fight off that holiday weight gain.

 1. Pick a type of workout you love.

"It's not monotonous. It helps you want to come back," said Maureen Urban. Urban has been kickboxing at's gym near 168th and Blondo for four months. "I recently had a baby- I have a six month old at home. It was time to start working out and getting back into shape-and getting my body back," said Urban.

Urban said since she started, she's lost 15 pounds and six dress sizes.

"You burn anywhere from 600 to 1000 calories-literally has kept me in the best shape of my life," said Chantal Franklin, a part owner and trainer at the gym.

2. Set a realistic goal with a deadline.

"Don't do something crazy for a set about of time and then quit.  Then, you're going to gain the weight back, then what's the point?" said Franklin.

Franklin said one pound is the equivalent of about 3,500 calories. The best way to shed those is by setting goals along the way.

3. Don't skip eating before heading to holiday parties.

"If you're starving you're going to eat everything that's going to be lots of calories and lots of fat," said Franklin. Franklin said it helps to eat a lean protein before going to the party, which could be a protein shake or chicken breast.

4. Eat well the day before and the day of the holiday party.

"Stick to things that are in their most whole state-things with less than five ingredients," said Franklin.

5. Eat six small meals a day.

"That's going to get your metabolism going and get you in that fat burning mode," said Franklin.

6. Don't skip the gym.

"Before you go to that holiday party-work out. Get 30 minutes to an hour of cardio in," said Franklin. Franklin said diet is 80 percent of weight loss, but not hitting the gym will also hold you back.

7. Don't deprive yourself of treats.

 "If you're going to eat it-great. I want you to eat it, treat yourself. But I want you to work for it," said Franklin.


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