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Man Claims Airline Employees Stole His Ipad

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By:  Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - A local man says he's never flying again. 

He says someone robbed him while he was in the air traveling over Thanksgiving. 

He tells Fox 42 News he thinks a TSA agent or airline employee took something from his luggage.

Justin Ronk said he put his Ipad inside a backpack and handed it over to American Airlines ticket agents. 

He said they put the backpack in the checked luggage, however when he arrived in Omaha the Ipad was gone.  "I opened my bag and there was a TSA slip in there and when I got back and I opened it up and I knew it had been gone through cause I always bring the zippers up on top and they were clear down to the side."

Ron said the TSA slip was gone. He said he had a layover in Fort Worth, Texas.  When he contacted TSA to file a lost property report…what the agent told him was shocking.  "I talked to the TSA agent, she asked did you come through Fort Worth and I go ya, and she goes, you would be surprised how many people I get phone calls for people that have had stuff stolen from the Fort Worth airport terminal."

TSA also told him only American Airlines employees and TSA agents came in contact with his bag.  "So it can only be a TSA agent or an American Airlines employee and if that's the way American Airlines has their business set up, I mean that's ridiculous.  They're allowing their employees, the people that cost the money to steal from their customers."

When he confronted the airline, he said they only added insult to injury saying electronics are not covered under their policy.  "You come to an airport and you check your luggage and you think it would be safe and it's obviously not."

He now warns travelers to have their guard up while flying over the holidays.  "Definitely don't check your valuable items.  Anything that is something you can't live without if you don't want it stolen, carry it on with ya," Ronk said.

American Airlines told him he's pretty much out of luck.  He said he's so frustrated he plans to never fly again, however he adds that if American Airlines finds his Ipad he'll reconsider. 

Ronk also said he has the "Find My Ipad" app installed on his device, however because he had to turn off the wifi before his flight, it still has not yet been located. 

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