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Omaha Man Cited with Animal Cruelty after Dog was left Outside

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OMAHA (KPTM)- A dog is recovering at the Nebraska Humane Society after being left out in the cold for days on end, according to Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society.

"This time I ask the same question why have a dog if you're going to leave it outdoors 24/7. Not feed it, not water it, not provide shelter," said Langan.

Pouncer is an eight-year-old German Shepard mix who has been at the Humane Society since December 6th.

Pouncer has six stitches on his neck and his owner has been cited for animal cruelty.

"We don't want to give the dog back to this guy," said Langan.

Langan said animal control officers found Pouncer huddled in his back yard, shivering, and on a chain. The wind chill on Friday, December 6th was well below zero.

 "Neighbors told us the dog has been out doors 24/7, for years on end," said Langan.

Pouncer wasn't just freezing. "The worst part was the chain around its neck was actually embedded into the dogs neck," said Langan.

Pouncer had to get the chain surgically removed by veterinarians at the Nebraska Humane Society.

"This is not a problem that sprung up overnight. It's been happening steadily for a very long time," said Animal Control Officer, Ruthie Pohl.

Pohl said if a pet has to be outside, make sure to provide an enclosed shelter, lots of straw or hay, and a heated water bowl.

"Especially with the water, it needs to be in a heated bowl, because animals need as much water as we do," said Pohl.

Pouncer will stay at the humane society until the court case is up. Langan said the case could be as long as three months.  If he is found guilty, Pouncer's owner could spend six months in jail or face a $500 fine.


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