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Omaha Computer Expert: I'm A Victim of Target Breach

Omaha Computer Expert: I'm A Victim of Target Breach

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Laura BerryOMAHA(KPTM)- Thor Schrock is a guy you'd call to fix your computer. But even the experts need to go shopping. Schrock says he shops at Target twice a week, and swiping his card at the retailer recently means hackers have his bank information. "Every store, every Target in the United States was hacked down to the terminal level on the counter. So, that little terminal you swipe your card on the counter was hacked and you're passing your information on to a third party," said Schrock.

If you've shopped at Target within the past two months, Schrock says there is a good chance whatever card you used will be accessible to those who hacked the system. So what can you do? Schrock says the most important thing is to keep a close eye on your bank statements. "A lot of people are going to see weird transactions in their accounts. They're going to assume it was a spouse or family member that made a transaction on that card. They're not going to assume that it's a bad guy doing that," said Schrock who adds that when in doubt, it's better to have the contents of a gift revealed, than to be on the hook for charges you didn't make.

Schrock adds that even when the holidays are over, you still need to watch those statements. A lot of times, the smallest charge, is a test to see if a crook can get away with accessing your account. "They're not going to go in and wipe our your account because if they go in and wipe our your account, first of all you're going to notice immediately, you're going to dispute the charge," said Schrock who adds that even if you don't see any transactions soon, stay vigilant. Thieves often cash in when they think you won't notice, which could be months down the line.



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