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Blood Donation Myths and Facts

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OMAHA (KPTM)- According to officials at the American Red Cross, around one-third of people are eligible to donate blood, but only eight percent actually do.

There are plenty of excuses out there not to give blood; having a cold, getting a new tattoo, or acupuncture.

We're taking a look at what actually can and can't be an excuse to give blood.

 Cold-  You can  give blood if you have a cold. You just need to make sure you don't have a fever or are coughing anything up.

Diabetes- You can give blood if your diabetes is under control.

Tattoos- You can give blood right away if you had your tattoo in a state where tattoo parlors are regulated. (Nebraska and Iowa regulate tattoo parlors.) It's mostly there to make sure that the instruments were sterile.

Laser Hair Removal-  You can donate blood again, as long as it's regulated by the state and the instruments are sterile.

Pregnancy- You cannot  donate blood, and must wait  6 weeks after giving birth.

Birth Control- Women on oral contraceptives can donate blood.

Asthma- You can donate blood as long as you can breathe okay while donating. Asthma medications do not prevent you from donating blood.


There are restrictions for donating blood if you've visited countries outside of the United States.

For all the information about donating blood and restrictions, click here.

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